Fireplace: 12 ways to highlight it

The time is now. The fireplace is the leader of the winter and our most beloved memories.

We can see it in country, minimalist, luxurious and a lot of other styles. The only sure thing is that these are all the modern proposals that can make your fireplace look the best.

# 1 Bulky items

The bulky, carefully selected objects require their presence in the room, as opposed to tiny accessories that seem to disappear from the volume of the fireplace. The combinations are countless, depending on your personal style. 3d dimensioned letters, sculptures and vases give an imposing but at the same time interesting style.

# 2 Persistence with a material

Imagine your fireplace as the best place to exhibit a monumental collection. Group your favorite items based on their material to best view your collection. Wooden, ceramic, glass or metal objects are transformed into the main exhibitors of the space, giving their stigma.

# 3 … or two

The combination of two materials also offers a harmonious coexistence in space. Here the gold and white are the informal protagonists of the space. Their combination is enough to create a strong background, a fictitious screen in which the individual objects, placed with a relaxed, nonsensical mood, coexist so successfully.

# 4 original artworks

Replace Mona Lisa with Andy Warhol, get inspired by surrealism, pop art or African art, add color and automatically create the most central spot in your space. Anyway, the modern look on old things, the new look on old values ​​always provokes interest…

# 5 Much is more

Decorate your fireplace in an untidy way, with complete freedom, filling the space above it. In this way you will create a visual inconsistency, a point in your space where the human eye will not be able to capture it with just one look, so you can attract even more attention. However, aesthetics, abundance is a feature that should be applied consistently. All the objects you choose should exert a color harmony to create a balance in space.

# 6 The method of three

Three elements are enough to decorate the space above your fireplace. Your scale and composition is in your own hand. Old, reused or vintage objects, a mirror and ceramic decorations are enough to offer you a central focus point.

# 7 Treasure island

Imagine the corner with your fireplace as a fantastic screen that draws on it and around it unique and peculiar objects. Used treasures, vintage drops and unexpected combinations offer limitless options and ensure their strong presence in the space. You should also follow anour:dk for further info.

# 8 Think simple

One unique object is enough to highlight your fireplace, especially if the area  where your fireplace is located has a special color or a characteristic texture such as some obvious material such as wallpaper, concrete, wall or stone.

# 9 Think extreme

Place objects, grouping right and left of the fireplace. By relocating the visual weight to the edges, you create a modern asymmetric effect and guarantee a nice sense of balance along the fireplace.

# 10 Inclusions within the space

A safe way to highlight the corner or the place of your fireplace is to maintain a mild result, fitting it into the wider style of the living room. The safest solution is to move monochrome in order to ensure a clear and balanced result.

# 11 Leave it alone

If your fireplace has a special design, extravagant details, a bold combination of different materials, or its antiquity makes it unique, do not hesitate to leave it “naked” to make a stylish, simple result.

# 12 Modern Rustic

Cut flowers, olive branches, pine cones or plants and the unique texture of wood are features inexpensive, however they can replace properly whatever decorations.

Whatever you choose, do not forget that it is your personal space, so it is very important to express above all you.